Skirball Center of Innovation

Our world-renowned center is changing the face of cardiovascular care, pioneering new treatments and leading the way in testing devices and drug therapies. We serve as a catalyst for innovation allowing early stage ideas to move through preclinical development and into human trials.

The Innovation Cycle

“Medical innovation requires the expert integration of research, engineering and regulatory capabilities. At Skirball, we set the stage for new treatments and technologies that will translate into early patient studies, resulting in longer, healthier lives.”

Juan F. Granada, MD, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer

The goal of translational research is to bring an innovative concept into human applications. Our multidisciplinary team develops the strategies and tactics needed to navigate and facilitate this process.


Physician Training and Education

Expert training is crucial for the growth and development of clinicians and researchers. SCI regularly conducts training and educational sessions to meet the dynamic challenges of medical innovation and to better prepare physicians in using novel devices or specialized therapies in their clinical practice.

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