Our state-of-the-art preclinical research center is equipped with the latest technology for testing devices and drug therapies, as a division of a clinical research, education and innovation center

Cath labs

Our exceptional facilities include two top-of-the-line cardiac catheterization laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art imaging software that facilitates sophisticated analyses during and following device implantation

Imaging Capabilities

Our facility participates as the development site for multiple X-ray-based technologies and imaging applications with many imaging modalities including the latest generation of IVUS and OCT and all related imaging analytical software and the technical staff to perform these analyses

3-D echocardiography and CT suite with capabilities to develop protocols for any image-based procedure

Meeting Facilities

Spacious conference rooms with live feed to the laboratories to allow teams to monitor the procedure as well as hold confidential meetings in privacy

Open lobby with easy access for guest operators and trainees


Ex vivo model systems

Allows for feasibility and low cost early testing in human and fresh tissue

Necropsy facility

Large dedicated necropsy facility with board-certified pathologist available for gross necropsy

Training Facilities

Designated training areas with multiple bays connected by one audiovisual system

Creative Services Production Support Facilities

Global broadcasting capabilities for procedures, allowing remote team members to view procedures live from anywhere

Ability to record procedures for future presentation or in depth future analysis

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